A unique sound from pop, soul and opera!

MARIANNA CATALDI is a voice out of the box: the interpreter of a new genre somewhere between pop, soul and opera, sung with an original vocal style, full of personality, magical and passionate, recognizable from the first notes, and once heard, never forgotten.

THE POWER OF PASSION is an ambitious project and international, that with the strength of melody and emotions gets to the heart of a pop audience as well as those with cultured tastes, through a repertoire of  movie soundtrack love themes played by a magnificent symphonic orchestra.



Marianna Cataldi is a singer-songwriter and composer from Taranto. She has also studied classical singing and piano. Endowed with an outstanding voice that is comfortable in a wide range of genres, she has followed an impressive career as a singer in the film and TV sectors.
In 1994, she released her first CD “Marianna Cataldi”. In the same year, she brought out a dance remix of the Kate Bush hit “Wuthering Heights”.
This was followed in 2009 by the single “I need you to survive”, which was used on the soundtrack for the horror/sci-fi film “Megiddo: The Omega Code 2”, distributed in Italy by 20th Century Fox. The song provided an enticing foretaste of her album “Art in Heart”, which is a
compilation of popular and unreleased film tunes.
Marianna Cataldi has been working closely with the Mediaset Group since 1996, and has made a name for herself as the singer of numerous TV ads. She is also a welcome guest on the TV programmes and successful early-evening shows that enjoy a high level of popularity in Italy. Her screen repertoire includes songs for television films and title songs for animated series, one of which is Pokemon.
2004 saw the start of her cooperation with RAI Studios, for whom she sings the theme tune to the reality show “L’isola dei famosi” (Celebrity
survivor). She also wrote the title song for the TV quiz “Prima o poi” (Sooner or later), a successful RAI 2 programme, and for the RAI 3 series
Marianna Cataldi is the singer of the theme tune “Dolce follia” (Sweet folly) for the soap opera “La forza del desiderio” (The Force of Desire).
Two of the series’ songs, “Amo amor” (I love love) and “Potevamo essere felici” (We could be happy) also feature on this album.
1998 could be said to mark the year of her breakthrough in the film industry, as it was in this year that Walt Disney America chose her to perform the songs “Riflesso” (Reflection) and “Molto onore ci darai” (Honour to us all) for the Italian language version of the animated film
She recorded the much-admired song “Genti du suli” in the dialect of the home region of her parents (she is from Puglia), Calabria, for the documentary film “Emigrants” by Marco Ottavio Graziano.
In 2012, she composed the music for “Sopra il filo” (Above the wire), played during the closing credits of the film “100 metri dal paradiso” (100 metres from paradise).
Marianna also works as a voice coach for musicals and the theatre; among a long list of clients, one highlight is perhaps her cooperation with Stage Entertainment for “Sister Act” and “Saturday Night Fever”.

Video clips

  MORIR  D’AMOR    (Music: L.v. BEETHOVEN – Lyrics: M. CATALDI)

Italian sung version of MOONLIGHT SONATA by Marianna Cataldi, included in the album THE POWER OF PASSION ( itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/it/album/the-power-of-passion/id974572485)  SOUNDIVA Publishing. Orchestration: LUIGI PULCINI. Orchestra: BUDAPEST SCORING SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA.



 Theme from "THE THORN BIRDS" -  Music: Henry Mancini - Italian lyrics: Marianna Cataldi



 DOLCE FOLLIA (Tv theme) Original italian soundtrack of telenovela "LA FORZA DEL DESIDERIO",